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    Wuxi Rongfeng Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in the Shuangxin Economic Zone, Taihu Street, Binhu District, Wuxi City. It is a company specializing in the development and production of evaporation crystallization equipment, fermentation extraction equipment, heat transfer condensing equipment, and reaction mixing equipment. Fermentation, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries enjoy a good reputation in the industry with excellent quality and considerate after-sales service.

    Wuxi Rongfeng Biotechnology has actively cooperated with scientific research institutes for a long period of time to carry out general exchanges and cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes. These beneficial exchanges and cooperation have helped Rongfeng Bio built a high-improvement platform and enhanced the continuous improvement of Rongfeng's biological products for the market.

    The main products of Wuxi Rongfeng Biotechnology are classified by function: rising film evaporator, falling film evaporator, external circulating evaporator, internal circulating evaporator, centrifugal scraper film evaporator, membrane separator, deoxidation tower Separation technology, MVR evaporative crystallization technology, continuous crystallization technology, fermenter series, complete fermentation equipment, automatic control of fermentation equipment, seed tanks, spiral plate heat exchangers, tubular heat exchangers, tubular condensers, stainless steel reactions Pots, multi-functional dispersion reactors, semi-tubular heating stainless steel reactors, steam heating heat transfer oil circulation heating reaction pots, vacuum rake dryers, etc. The company has strong technical strength, excellent production equipment, excellent production technology, perfect testing methods, and high quality products.

    Wuxi Rongfeng Biological Company adheres to the tenet of relying on quality to survive, relying on reputation for development, and all for the sake of users. All new and old customers are welcome to visit our company, guide our work and negotiate business. In the long-term cooperation with the vast number of new and old customers has accumulated rich experience, so that our products in the industry with a unique, well received by the majority of users and praise.
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    Address: Shuangxin Economic Zone, Taihu Street, Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province
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