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    Arrangement principle of steam pipe in scraper film evaporator
    After the main parts of the wiper film evaporator are in place, the design and installation of the steam pipe is also required. This is also a very critical operation, and it must be carried out in strict accordance with the following principles. It should not be sloppy.

    The first is about the slope of the steam pipeline. It should be arranged in a downward slope in the direction of the smoke flow, and the slope should be no less than 1:100. At the same time, the location of the hydrophobic points on the pipeline should be clearly defined and should be arranged every 30~50m. Hydrophobic points should also be placed at the lowest point of any system. When arranging a hydrophobic pipe, a large-diameter catch basin should be installed below the steam main to collect condensate.

    There is also the layout of the steam branch pipes. Steam should be taken from above the steam mains, so as to ensure that dry steam is obtained. The key to this process is the installation of a steam separator.
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