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    Spiral plate heat exchanger can not ignore the soil heat transfer characteristics and energy saving
    Although there are still no clues on the improvement measures for spiral plate heat exchangers at present, how can we do this today when we are advocating energy conservation and environmental protection?

    When the system is running, the circulating fluid in the U-tube of the mass flowmeter is forced to circulate by the ground circulation pump. Therefore, the heat exchange between the circulating fluid and the tube wall is forced heat conduction and heat exchange, and the fluid in the tube is mainly convective heat exchange. When the ground circulation pump stops running, the circulating liquid in the U-shaped tube is basically stationary, and natural conduction heat exchange occurs between the fluid and the tube wall and inside the fluid. The soil and backfill soil are porous media containing solid materials and containing some moisture.

    Does the heat exchanger need to work through the heat transfer wall?
    It can be said that the heat exchanger he works in heating and cooling, of course, he is a heat transfer process. In a typical heat exchanger, he pays attention to the amount of heat recovered, but if he uses a heat exchanger to recover the waste heat, he can increase the value of heat in the cold fluid so that the waste heat can be used. Jiangnan containers tell you why the heat exchanger does not require heat transfer walls.

    Heat exchanger He will not only affect the heat transfer equipment, but also affect the heat transfer process, so we have a certain degree of difficulty in identifying and distinguishing these problems, and will also be subject to the corresponding limitations of the heat exchanger. In Jiangnan Container Heat Exchanger, he has a higher temperature at the fluid port, which can facilitate our work.

    If we conduct direct heat transfer, he does not need heat transfer. He uses cold fluid and hot fluid to directly touch and exchange heat. The heat-generating hot and cold fluids in the partitions use tubes and plates to exchange heat with the walls. This heat exchanger is a common heat exchanger. Both hot and cold objects are fluids, so we must also consider pure fluids for their situation. Intermittent heat transfer through regenerative heat, which can be heated in a waste heat collector, is waste heat, and is generally used for the recovery of gas.

    The spiral plate heat exchanger industry has become increasingly tense today, industrial boilers are China's large coal users, annual coal burning 700 million tons, is one of the more energy-consuming equipment. At the same time, due to the inefficient operation of boilers, energy waste is very serious, and coal consumption is estimated to be about 60 million tons per year, which has great potential for energy conservation.

    In addition, due to the large amount of smoke, SO2, NOx and other pollutants emitted by industrial boilers, it has become one of the major coal-burning pollution sources in China's atmosphere. Therefore, the energy-saving transformation of industrial boilers, especially coal-fired industrial boilers, is of great significance for achieving the overall goal of energy-saving and emission reduction in China.
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