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    How to repair the leakage of spiral plate heat exchanger
    Spiral plate heat exchanger is a kind of high efficient heat exchanger equipment, which is suitable for industries such as chemistry, petroleum, solvent, medicine, food, light industry, textile, metallurgy, steel rolling, coking and so on.

    In the production process, due to the erosion of water, erosion of cavitation, and corrosion of trace chemical media, the tube plate of the spiral tube plate heat exchanger often leaks at the weld of the tube plate, resulting in the mixing of water and chemical materials, and the production process temperature is difficult Control, resulting in the production of other products, seriously affecting product quality. After the weld seam of the condenser tube plate leaks, the enterprise usually uses the traditional repair welding method to repair, the internal pressure of the tube plate is easy to produce internal stress, and difficult to eliminate, resulting in leakage of other heat exchangers, the enterprise through the pressure, check equipment repair , Repeatedly welding, experiments, 2 to 4 people need a few days to complete the repair, after several months of use, the tube plate weld recurrence of corrosion, to the enterprise brings manpower, material resources, financial waste, increased production costs. Through the corrosion resistance and erosion resistance of polymer composites, the new heat exchangers can be protected in advance. This not only effectively controls the existing weld seams and sand holes in new heat exchangers, but also corrodes heat exchangers after use. The metal surface and the welding point can also be used to protect the bare metal by applying a polymer composite material on the surface during subsequent regular maintenance. This avoids long-term surfacing maintenance operations from affecting production.

    Spiral plate heat exchanger is a new type of heat exchanger, which has good heat transfer efficiency and high stability. It can work together in multiple units.
    1, high heat transfer efficiency (good performance)
    It is generally believed that the heat transfer efficiency of a spiral plate heat exchanger is 1-3 times that of a tubular heat exchanger. There is no flow dead zone in the single channel with constant section, the disturbance of the flow by the distance column and the spiral channel reduces the critical Reynolds number of the fluid, and the heat transfer coefficient of the spiral plate heat exchanger is 3000 W/(m2.K) when the water and water are exchanged.

    2, effective recovery of low-temperature heat energy
    Spiral plate heat exchangers are made of two coils for waste heat recovery, making full use of low temperature heat energy.

    3, operating reliability
    The end face of the spiral channel of the non-detachable spiral plate heat exchanger is welded and sealed, so it has high sealing performance and ensures that the two working media do not mix.

    4, small resistance
    The tangential structure of the nozzle on the housing. Relatively low pressure loss, large capacity steam or gas treatment; self-cleaning brushing ability, because the medium is spiral flow, dirt is not easy to deposit; easy to clean, can be washed with steam or alkali solution, simple and easy to install, suitable for installation cleaning device; The medium takes a single passage and allows higher flow rates than other heat exchangers.

    5, can be used in combination
    When a single device cannot meet the requirements for use, multiple units can be used in combination, but the following requirements must be met when combining: Parallel combination, series combination, device and channel spacing are the same. Mixed combination: One channel is connected in parallel and one channel is connected in series.
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