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    Application Characteristics and New Development of Stainless Steel Reactor
    The common reactors for stainless steel reactors are stainless steel reactors, glass-lined reactors, hydrothermal reactors, double-sided glass reactors, magnetic stirring reactors, steam reactors, and electric heating reactors. Of course, many of them are also practical stainless steel reactors. The stainless steel reactor consists of a kettle body, a kettle lid, a jacket, a stirrer, a transmission, a shaft seal, and a support. Materials are generally carbon-manganese steel, stainless steel, zirconium, nickel-based (Hastschner, Monel) alloys and other composite materials; according to the reactor manufacturing structure can be divided into open flat lid reactor, open butt welded flange There are three major categories of reactors and closed reactors.

    The stainless steel reactor has the advantages of fast heating, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, health, no environmental pollution, no need for automatic heating of the boiler, and easy use. It has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dye, medicine, food and other production users and various research projects for the research, used to complete the hydrolysis, neutralization, crystallization, distillation, evaporation, storage, hydrogenation, hydrocarbons The process of polymerization, polymerization, condensation, heating, mixing, constant temperature reaction and other processes.

    Features of Stainless Steel Reactor: The inner surface is mirror-polished to ensure no dead corner. The fully enclosed design ensures that the material is always in a sterile state. The outer surface can be sandblasted, frosted, and cold-rolled. The heating and cooling are the heating methods. Optional steam, electric heating, heat transfer oil to meet the process needs of acid, alkali, high temperature, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and other different working environments.

    From the perspective of the industrial chain, stainless steel reactors and upstream and downstream product companies of stainless steel reactors are two industries that are interdependent and competing. Steel production enterprises can establish long-term strategic alliances with downstream companies through deep processing of steel products, which will help improve the development of new varieties, quality, and market expansion in the stainless steel reactor industry, and will enable steel products to extend their value and reach the downstream market. Effective way to compete. It can be said that the development of stainless steel reactor fine engineering has become China's stainless steel reactor manufacturers to deal with market competition and improve product competitiveness development strategy.

    However, compared with the developed countries of the stainless steel reactor industry, China's stainless steel reactor industry system is still not perfect. Compared with Japan, South Korea and other countries producing stainless steel reactors, there is still a large gap. The development of the stainless steel reactor industry started relatively late, and the social demand for stainless steel reactors grew at a rapid rate. As a result, the first problem to be solved in the development of the stainless steel reactor industry in China is to rapidly increase production, gradually meet the growing social needs, and gradually replace the entrance. First, "quantitative change" and "quality change," the two-step Pentium. At present, the development of the stainless steel reactor industry in China has completed the accumulation process of “quantification” and is currently facing a transformation of “quality”.

    Through years of development, in addition to individual high-end products, the consumption structure of stainless steel reactors in China still depends on imports. The low-end and middle-end products can basically be self-sufficient, and the consumption of stainless steel reactors depends entirely on imports. Inflated.
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